Greeting Card Collection

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Handprinted Greeting Cards

Every seasonal design is handprinted with a single woodblock
on thin Japanese paper.
 Every print is then carefully attached to a blank A6 single-fold greeting card 
(measure 10.4 com x 14.8 cm) and comes with matching envelope. 
Please contact me if you wish to place an order for the current seasonal collection.
£5 each
10 cards for £45

Spring Collection /2021

Flaming Heart

Spring Collection 2021

Easter Bunny (colours may vary)

Spring Collection 2021

Peony (colours may vary)

Snowflake / Winter 2020

As shown printed in a warm yellow, black sumi ink, and deep purple.

Snowfall / Winter 2020

This year's additional woodblock design. As shown printed in black sumi ink, deep purple, and night blue.

Snowfall & Snowflake/ Winter 2020

Matching Snowfall and Snowflake designs both printed in deep purple with watercolour pigments. 

Peony / SS 2020

Bettina / SS2020

Bettina / SS2020

Geometric / AW2019

Geometric / AW 2019

Floral / AW2019

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