‘Virudhaka killed by lightning’, woodblock print


Japanese woodblock mono print, natural oak frame, 2023

This work is part of my final piece during a month-long stay at the studio of my teacher, master carver Kitamura sensei in Kyoto, Japan.

Choosing this particular illustration by Hokusai meant to keep the carving knives as shape as possible to carve the intricate lines for the face and curled hair.


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The original image is a drawing by Katsushika Hokusai. An illustration of the king Virudhaka from the series Banmotsu ehon daizen zu (The Great Picture Book of Everything), c. 1920s-40s, Katsushika Hokusai. The ink drawing depicts the king of of Kosala being struck by lightning.

This print is master piece created during my training with Kitamura sensei (master carver in Kyoto) in March 2023.
I like this illustration by Hokusai’s a lot and carving the fine details were a wonderful challenge to put everything that I have learnt into practice.

First I had to trace the photocopy of the original drawing with my calligraphy brush and ink on fine calligraphy paper. I then transferred this work directly onto a cherry block and started carving. Yes, traditionally, the original drawings are lost in the Mokuhanga process.

The final print is a one impression Japanese woodblock print, hand-printed in sumi ink.

The image is signed by the artist.

The frame is a natural oak frame.

Frame size: 13 cm x 18 cm





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