‘The Year of the Water Rabbit’, mono-print framed


Japanese woodblock mono-print, framed, 2023

This art work is my representation of the Chinese Year of the Water Rabbit, 2023. A meaningful year as I am Chinese zodiac Rabbit born in 1975.


This mono-print celebrates the Chinese Year of the Water Rabbit 2023.

This image is a homage to the year of the water rabbit, represented on three decorative fans. The first fan depicts a hare accompanied with star dust, spreading optimism and peaceful energy. The second fan underlines the water character of the Chinese sodiac. The water element suggests tapping into inner wisdom and trusting instincts. The third fan symbolises hope in the shape of strong sails blowing in the wind’s direction.

This framed black mono-print is a crayon rubbing on very thin Japanese paper. Drawing and woodblock carving done by me. Small edition of 10 rubbings, with the woodblock destroyed.

The frame has been done by a professional frame maker in London. Dark brown reddish wood, with the image floating very lightly above the black background.

The image is signed by the artist.

Frame size: 25 cm x 29 cm





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